Maddie Migriño · Case Study


Shape Transitions


This short video was created for instagram (which is the reason for the squared dimensions). It focuses on the 11the zodiac sign, Aquarius.


My creativity is heavily influenced by music. The song, AQUARIUS, is written and sung by an artist named Tinashe. Those under this astrological sign are known to be original, progressive, intellectual, eccentric, humanitarian, creative, and mysterious. This song captivated me at first as I never heard anything like it, but there is also a deep meaning behind it. Things that are being shared in the media isn’t always accurate, which frustrates her. As an aquarius and humanitarian, Tinashe wants the world to change for the better, but it seems like everyone is more concerned about materialistic things that bring temporary happiness. After hearing the backstory of this song, I became more intrigued, which made me feel creative.

Sketches and planning


Exposing myself to a new way of editing with shapes was a fun experiment. This style of editing was something I have never created before. Also, not much planning was done for this short video. This was simply created for fun, but also to challenge myself to create something quick and simple in less than 24 hours. The video was originally shorter, so to make things more interesting, I made the video loop twice.

Goals & Conclusion

I set a goal and challenged myself to complete something in less than 24 hours without a sketch plan. With that said, I am proud of the final result while working under pressure.