Maddie Migriño · Case Study


When Things Just Don't Go Right


As a Graphic Designers, we have no choice but to be in front of the screen for hours and hours. Your laptop can be your friend in the Design industry, but it can also be your enemy when something doesn’t go right.


I’ve been there. Sitting on my laptop for hours and pulling all nighters to complete several tasks. When you don’t get the results you hope for, or when you’re having a creative block, you can feel frustrated to say the least. In these situations, coffee can be your best friend.

Sketches and planning


I decided to take out my frustrations on pencil and paper, and roughly sketch what I was experiencing at the time as my laptop refused to work. The scenario that you see played out in the video was exactly how I reacted when my laptop decided to shut down while I was working.

I created the illustration on Adobe Illustrator, then began animating the character’s movements on Adobe After Effects.

Goals & Conclusion

This negative experience I had turned out to be one of my favourite motion pieces. Let this be a lesson to you. Always have a pencil and paper by your side, cause you never know when you’ll be inspired to create relatable.