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Reign Under Pressure

Marie Antoinette Documentary Series


As a teenager, she was forced to create an alliance between her birthplace to her new country, France, by marrying their heir to the throne. The Austrian-born Queen of France was known as many things to the public; one being “Madame Deficit” due to her endless gambling and spending large sums of money on fine dresses while there is an economic crisis. Due to the public’s hatred towards the Queen, she was falsely accused for saying the infamous phrase Let them eat cake in a mocking way upon hearing that people in France were starving due to bread shortages.

The video shows her journey from being the Empress of Austria’s daughter, to becoming a target of loathing as she becomes a new royal in her husband’s country.


Marie Antoinette is one of my favourite historical figures. Her life story from her beginnings in Habsbourg to her public execution intrigued me ever since high school. She was greatly misunderstood simply because she was a foreigner in her husband’s country.

Many books were read about Marie Antoinette (and the life of her oldest surviving daughter, Marie Therese Charlotte de France), movies about her were viewed, as well as documentaries were watched. One of the best documentaries I discovered was found on Youtube:

⌲ Marie Antoinette Documentary
Sketches and planning


Deciding to create a made-up YouTube trailer for a documentary series seemed exciting as I knew her life story very well. Not many sketches of the plan was created; it was more a trial and error process, as I tested different elegant transitions. I thought the lyrics to Viva la Vida by Coldplay was very fitting with Marie Antoinette’s life. However, I thought the instrumental to the song was better for the video so that they viewers would focus on the video more than the well-known song itself.

Goals & Conclusion

The goal was to attract history lovers and convince them that the last Queen of France was falsely accused for things she never said, and for actions she never did. Since Marie lived a lavish lifestyle, the transitions had to be elegant to fit her lavish lifestyle.