Maddie Migriño · Case Study


Short Kinetic Typography


This is a short kinetic typography to a relatable, yet inspirational song called “Tomorrow.” The songwriter and rapper (stage name SUGA) talks about young adults (specifically those in their 20’s) being insecure about their future. Although working hard towards their goals and passion can be exhausting, the rapper is still optimistic in his lyrics, telling people to follow their dreams even though it may be tough.

To listen to the full song, stream below:

⌲ Stream the song, TOMORROW

To view the full length lyric breakdown, click the link below:

⌲ Full lyric breakdown, TOMORROW


The band Bangtan Sonyeondan (famously known as BTS) is a South Korean group that is being compared to the Beatles with their enormous fan base around the world. They are also known to be socially conscience group Their lyric topics mainly highlight not only their personal struggles, but also relatable subject matter that young adults may face on a daily basis. These topics include: mental health, the rough journey towards self-appreciation, pressures from society, empowerment, and many more. Their message of self love and confidence even though one may be different from everyone else is spread through their music. The band mentions that the goal of their music is to share their story and to help those going through the similar situations. As a fan, I admire them for using their platform to spread inspiring messages.

Sketches and planning


Although the South Korean band sings and raps in their native language, their fanbase is enormous and globally spread despite the language barrier. The translated lyrics was easy to find on dedicated fansites willing to spread BTS’ message in various languages. However, trying to make the translated english lyrics sync up to the Korean audio seemed difficult at first. I wanted to challenge myself to not only do a kinetic typography to a language that is foreign to me, but also visually communicate their story.

Goals & Conclusion

I am proud with how it turned out, as the simple kinetic typography visually tells a relatable story of youths who are insecure of the future.