Maddie Migriño · Case Study

Tourism Bohol

Social Media Advertisement Video


This video primarily focuses on a small island of Bohol, located in the Philippines. There is a steady tourism boost in Bohol, due to popular social media influencers who traveled there to seek adventure. However, there are not many promotional videos focusing on chosen location.


I first fell in love with Bohol after my trip to the beautiful province. There were many adventurous activities that made the trip fun, but it’s the kindness of the locals that made the trip even more memorable. Since my experience in Bohol was a pleasant one, I would definitely recommend adventurous individuals seeking for fun activities or those wanting to retreat to paradise to go.

Sketches and planning


Just like all planning stages, it starts with gathering research information about the chosen topic. In this case, the province of Bohol was chosen. . I try to find answers for the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY. I started brainstorming possible solutions for the current problem. In this case, the “problem” is that Bohol doesn’t receive as much recognition as other tourist hotspots in the Philippines.

I started sketching storyboards of fun adventures that tourists look for when retreating to a tropical country. From there, I started bringing my storyboards to life and created the final outcome in After Effects.

Goals & Conclusion

The goal is to understand the general public’s idea of paradise, and intrigue them with footage that shows the beauty of Bohol. Watching several tourism commercials on YouTube and seeing various ways to lure the audience really helped in planning during the sketching phase of this project. Some of these commercials include “It’s More Fun in the Philippines”, “Discover Canada”, “Visit Seoul”, and “Expedia’s Vancouver Vacation Travel Guide”.