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Trivia: Love

Valentine's Day, Kinetic Typography


This rap song talks about how the word LOVE is complex, and he even starts questioning what it means to love someone, or oneself. Everyone seems to talk about love, but it seems like everyone has a different definition to the word. With all these questions circling his head, he concludes that living is loving, and life has no meaning without it. Putting this strong emotion into words is difficult as love is felt. With that said, he simplifies his definition of the word, and repeats, I live, so I love in the chorus.

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This song is from the LOVE YOURSELF album trilogy. The trilogy is a compelling series, focusing on the rollercoaster journey of self-love and appreciation.

  1. The first album, LOVE YOURSELF: HER, talks about the joys and tingling moments of being in love. The songs are heart fluttering and cheerful, in comparison to the second album of the series.

  2. LOVE YOURSELF: TEAR focuses more on fake love, leading to loss and separation. One experiences a torn heart, an emotional loss, and the fear of love through this album. The joys and tingling moments felt from the first album has diminished due to the theme of rejection or self-loathing in LOVE YOURSELF: TEAR.

  3. Due to the feeling of emptiness, people must learn that true love only begins when you learn to love yourself, leading to the last album of the series, LOVE YOURSELF: ANSWER. After the rollercoaster of emotions from the previous albums, the Answer to finding true love starts from within oneself. Although the translated lyrics may seem as if BTS have written about their experience being in a relationship with a significant other, the leader of the band expressed that the songs can easily be translated about the relationship with oneself.

Sketches and planning


Going back to what I previously mentioned, the rapper by the stage name of RM thinks love is complex. Everyone speaks of it, but has their own definition of love. With that said, I wanted to come up with different romantic scenes.

  1. The Taj Mahal. The love story is quite iconic as the architecture itself, located in India. Long story short, Mughul emperor, Shah Jahan, fell in love with his wife, Mumtaz Mahal, and has many children. However, his wife died giving birth to their 14th child. Filled with grief, Shah Jahan promised to never remarry and built the richest mausoleum on her grave. The architecture and the story is considered to be a living example of eternal love.

  2. The beach is a calm place to retreat. Love is supposed to be a beautiful and breathtaking, just like the scenery in the video. And a tropical atmosphere is an ideal place to have romantic walks.

  3. Aphrodite. She is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure.

  4. Lastly, the night sky. I was inspired by a movie when a character looked up at the night sky and made a wish after seeing the shooting stars.

Goals & Conclusion

Everybody is different, therefore we will all have different opinions on things. That also goes for the topic of love. Love, how ever people may define it, can be expressed towards a family member, significant other, or oneself.

After listening to the song, and reading the breakdown to the translated lyrics, I want to encourage people that it’s okay to have different opinions to complex topics, including love.