Maddie Migriño · Case Study

Weird Aquarius

Explaination Video


One of the many stereotypes of Aquarius people is that they are confidently weird. Friends love their eccentricities and originality.


As someone who doesn’t believe in astrology, it’s a lot of fun to research and educate myself on other people’s beliefs. From the online research and the podcasts I frequently listen to, I gathered a general idea of Aquarius’ personality. I wanted to mainly highlight their eccentric and confidently weird personality.

Sketches and planning


The more simple the character graphics are, the easier it is to animate in After Effects. With that said, sketching and vectorizing the character didn’t take long to do. I searched for an audio that I thought would perfectly describe just how odd Aquarius’ are.

Goals & Conclusion

I was impressed with how fast the planning process took. Although this project would normally take three weeks to build, this project took me 3 days to complete.